NDATACONSULTING: Empowering businesses with data expertise in engineering, analytics, AI, & cloud solutions.

NDATACONSULTING is a fully managed software delivery service

Securing top-tier expertise can be challenging, often requiring extensive time and effort to identify the right skill sets. Moreover, project delays and budget overruns are common risks. At nDataConsulting, we tackle these challenges head-on.




Less risk than tranditional IT Projects

<1 Day

Response Time


Of projects on time and within budget


Simplify and streamline your upcoming software development endeavor with a well-coordinated team and regular progress updates. At nDataConsulting, we stand by our developers throughout the process, ensuring you receive:

5x The Speed

Achieve your goals in a fraction of the time with our accelerated processes and agile approach. We’re committed to delivering results at unprecedented speed.

Quick Ramp-Up

Launch new projects swiftly. Our dedicated team handles all the heavy lifting, from assembling the perfect experts to scoping and commencing new initiatives.

Streamlined Workflow

Experience a streamlined workflow with our meticulous project management approach, ensuring optimal results from start to finish.

Immediate Expert Access

Seamlessly connect with our team of seasoned experts, providing you with prompt and comprehensive support for all your requirements.

Comprehensive Project Specifications

Elevate your project with our thorough project specifications and scoping, ensuring meticulous planning and a strong foundation for success.

Intellectual Property Protection

Safeguard your intellectual property with our stringent security measures and clear ownership protocols

Code Documentation and Handover

Code documentation and seamless transitions ensure project continuity and efficient post-development management.

Managed Code Documentation

Efficiently manage and maintain project code documentation for seamless transitions and ongoing support.