About Us

NDATACONSULTING has a combined experience of 50,000 hours. We have vast experience ranging from web development to mobile development to analytics and big data. We are working on cloud services, big data services such as amazon and google and are expanding our expertise more and more in analytics, IOT (Internet of Things) and cloud.

We have been in operation since 2012. We have vast expertise in mobile, web development, big data analytics, IOT solutions. Over the years we have kept abreast of the technology and business innovations and evolved our expertise to dictate our past, present and future. Our team of experts posses mastery and expert skills in myriad of technology vertical stacks, industries. Our list of clients are our most prized assets. We have served and satisfied clients all over the world with ever more growing list.

If you have a problem, if you have a requirement and you need a reliable and seasoned batch of experts to look after you and your business, you have found the perfect outlet. We are not all talk, try us, you won’t be disappointed

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